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Explain the different characteristics of EPS line CNC foam cutting machine for you

Everybody usually uses which kind of cutting machine, each cutting machine can be said to have its advantages, has its characteristics different from other cutting machine, but also has its own use. Today, sponge foaming machine, sponge cutting machine manufacturers to explain the EPS line CNC foam cutting machine what different characteristics.

CNC EPS foam wire cutting machine has amazing cutting accuracy and repeatability. Electric heating wire / fan box is the place where the electric heating wire is fixed. When cutting, the electric heating wire is cooled by a miniature fan, and the length of the heated wire is compensated by a special spring. The high-performance electric heating wire is made of nickel, chromium, cobalt, molybdenum and molybdenum. Titanium and other materials.

Length can be extended, cutting speed can be accelerated, and has a long life. Path analysis processing software controls the full-automatic turntable, so that the machine can cut rotating bodies, such as cylinders and spheres. The cutting machine is reasonable in structure, stable in performance, high in precision, advanced in technology, simple in operation, reasonable in price, far ahead of the same industry. It is a substitute for the original foam cutting machine. Using this product can save time, labor, raw materials and greatly improve work efficiency.

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