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Explain the history of sponge machinery and the encoder selection of its cutting part

Some of us may come into contact with sponge machine every day, but how much do you know about sponge machinery and the history of sponge machinery? Today Shuli sponge machinery and equipment manufacturers to explain the history of sponge machinery and its cutting part of the encoder selection.

Sponge machinery first appeared in foreign countries, its original model is the use of high-speed rotating impeller bubble, so it is also known as "foaming machine". Later, facing the development of technology, sponge foaming machinery appeared in our country, from the original pure hand-driven machinery, to semi-automatic and now fully automatic, which has experienced several centuries.

In the process of traditional hand-made sponge production, usually five to six masters to master the production of sponge technology (that is, the production of sponge formula) according to the needs of manufacturers to produce sponges of different densities and different processes. But in traditional sponge production

In the process, the different types of sponge formula is not the same popular saying is white oil, butter, TDI three large materials and six small and medium materials mixed stirring into the foaming mold workers involved in foaming must be the raw material (usually weighed by pounds and electronic weighing). Otherwise, it may lead to rotten cotton and because the weight of the material is too heavy, often involved in the production of sponge workers fatigue.

Due to the decrease of human resources and the rise of labor costs, the demand for technology has promoted the development of science and technology, and the gradual birth of semi-automatic sponge machinery. That is, mechanical loading device (butter, white oil, TDI), imitation manual dumping device. Now with the continuous development of science and technology, automatic sponge machinery has become commonplace, only one or two people to observe the operation of the equipment can be, all operations are controlled by a computer to control the various links and components, fully automated operation. I believe that in the near future, more high-end sponge machinery will also be born.

Selection of encoder for sponge mechanical cutting part

Encoder is suitable for measuring speed, position, length, angle and other physical quantities. In the cutting part of sponge machinery, to know the specific cutting position of sponge, we must calculate the length of sponge. The pulse generated by the encoder is transmitted to PLC. The EH series PLC has four channels to tell the input. It can collect the pulse of the four encoders. The number of pulses collected by the PLC is converted into the length of the sponge by arithmetic operation, so as to determine the cutting position of the sponge. The maximum input frequency can reach 200KHZ.

The rotary encoder of sponge machine is a kind of sensor which uses the principle of broadcasting and television effect to convert the rotating position into electrical signal. Rotary encoder is divided into incremental encoder and absolute encoder according to the nature of output, shaft encoder and shaft sleeve encoder according to the connection mode. The essential difference between incremental encoder and absolute encoder is that the encoder is different. The encoder disc of the sponge mechanical incremental encoder is a grating with the same width and gap at each position, and the absolute encoder has a unique value at each position. Incremental encoder does not have power off memory function; absolute value encoder has power off memory function. Although the absolute encoder has high precision, but its price is high, for sponge machinery, incremental encoder can meet the production requirements, full consideration of the actual cost performance ratio, sponge machinery should choose linear axis incremental encoder.

Above is about the sponge machinery development history and the cutting part of the encoder selection knowledge explained. We would like to know more about this knowledge to our official website. Taishan Shuli Bed Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Wuyi area with beautiful environment. It has 42000 square meters of garden factory building. It is a professional manufacturer of sponge machinery, mattress machinery, sponge foamer and mattress semi-finished products, Guangdong sponge foamer price, Guangdong sponge cutter supplier, sponge machine manufacturer. Mattress Spring Viscose Machine, Guangdong Sponge Production Line Company, High Quality Spring Viscose Machine, Guangdong PU Sponge Machine, Sponge Foaming Machine, Sponge Cutting Machine, with independent intellectual property rights, R&D, production and sales in one of the high-tech private enterprises.

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