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There are many brands of sponge machinery. How to determine the quality of sponge machinery

For the manufacturers of producing sponges, it is necessary to buy sponge machinery. Now, when you buy the sponge machinery, we all know it. Now the brand of sponge machinery in the market is very much. The sponge machinery brand is numerous, how to determine the quality of sponge machinery?

The regenerated sponge machine is a spongy machine which is made of the powder of the sponge pulverizer into the special mixing box through the suction machine, and the sponge glue is injected into the corresponding weight at the same time, and then the regenerated sponge is pressed into the corresponding density with the mould (steam).

Regenerated sponge: it is a new type of product, its use value is no less than sponge, it is made by smashing and stirring the rubber steam at high temperature. His low price, greatly reduce the cost of production from the cost, its effect is elastic, resistant to good, resistant to smell products, can be made into a variety of strong products according to the needs of customers. It is widely used in making sofa, mattress, boss chair, sports equipment, such as sponge gymnastics mat, sponge gym mat, sponge wrestling mat, sponge car cushion and so on.

Above is the knowledge sharing of regenerative sponge machinery and equipment. More knowledge can be found on our website. Today, sponge machinery, mattress machinery, sponge foam machine manufacturers do not matter much, good manufacturers recommend Zhongshan Shu Li bedding machinery Co., Ltd.!

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