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How to use sponge machinery correctly, tell you what the operation rules of sponge machinery are.

For a variety of mechanical equipment, for the operator, it is very important to master the correct operation method, now sponge machinery and equipment manufacturers are very many, the production of sponge machinery and equipment, sponge foaming machine, sponge cutting machine are different, in operation, it can be said that there are certain differences, now More and more sponge manufacturers use these equipment, we need to buy knowledge of their own factory machinery and equipment, but also need to master the correct way of operation. How to properly use the sponge machine, today, small weave to tell you what the operating rules of high-pressure sponge machine?

1. Before the sponge machine start-up production, check the wiring of each part is intact, close the mainframe power supply, and at the same time close the air compressor and water chiller power supply.

2. Before starting the metering pump, it is necessary to feed the tank, seal it, open the pressure valve, and fill it with pressure. The general pressure is 0.2m pascal, not more than 0.3m Pascal (indicated by the digital pressure gauge on the cylinder head). Otherwise, the cylinder will detonate.

3. Open the discharging valve under the bottom of the sponge mechanical tank, fill the metering pump, open the metering pump exhaust valve, empty the air until the exhaust valve discharges.

4. Hydraulic station should be filled with clean hydraulic oil (add to the level display safety zone as standard), point the motor of hydraulic station, first adjust the oil pressure to a low state, check whether the oil pipeline leakage, and then to the normal cutting hydraulic state, and then start the hydraulic station (hydraulic station pressure is 1.5-17 m Paka).

5. High and low pressure switching valve, JH30 series B material switching valve, B material metering pump transfer dynamic lubrication should be added dioctyl grease, sealing and sliding, and regular inspection, filling.

6, A1, A2 filter has automatic cleaning function, set by the computer cleaning time, stop time, B filter manual cleaning, should be regularly cleaned, (cleaning once a day), A1, A2, B material every 3 to 4 days, discharging slag once (instructions: first shut off the bottom of the tank discharging valve, open the bottom of the filter discharging slag valve, discharging slag) .

7, pouring head A/B material throttle valve should be regularly discharged clean. Special B material throttle valve, replace the Xinmi sealing ring, screw the good butter installation, so as not to freeze.

8. In the production of the gun head without material, should be the composition of the low-pressure state to switch, not long time in high-pressure, otherwise it will speed up the rise of material temperature.

9. Maintain neat and clean lines/pipes and all appearance of the machine, especially the rotation of the cantilever, which may make the material available. The tube and the high-pressure oil pipe scratch, the scratch area should be added to the protection and bandage, so as not to burst and leak.

10. When disassembling and assembling the feeding pipe, the main power supply should be shut down, the air release valve on the feeding cylinder should be opened, the discharging valve under the feeding cylinder should be shut down, and then disassembled and assembled.

11. When disassembling the tubing of sponge machinery, the motor of the hydraulic station should be shut down, the oil pressure of the hydraulic station should be disassembled through the point-to-point cleaning switch, and the tubing should be disassembled and installed again when there is no oil pressure.

12. When feeding to the cylinder, the upper limit of the liquid level in the cylinder should not exceed the lower limit of the liquid level.

What are the operating rules of high-pressure sponge machinery? After reading the above introduction, you know something. Learn more about how to operate machinery and equipment. Taishan Shuli Bed Machinery Co., Ltd. is also a professional sponge machinery, mattress machinery, sponge foaming machine manufacturers, the quality of its production equipment is very good, you need to buy, you can understand.

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