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Installation and importance of sponge cutting machine in sponge machinery plant

How to install the sponge cutter

1. when the cutter is installed in the sponge cutting unit, the tolerance of the cutter must be equal to 1 mm.

2. during the operation of the equipment, the unskilled electrician should not open the control box door to ensure safety.

The wiring of the 3. sponge cutter should be operated by a skilled electrician. The ground of the machine itself and the case of the electric box should be grounded. 

The grounding wire is used for insulated conductors with no less than 2.5 millimeters. The grounding resistance is not more than 4 ohms.

4. when the cutter is installed in the sponge cutting machine, the positive and negative rotation of the belt should be located in the middle of the cutter wheel. The tightness of the belt should be adjusted properly. If too tight, it will lead to the phenomenon of breaking. If it is too loose, it can not achieve the purpose of cutting.

5. the installation and installation of the cover of the sponge cutting machine must be integrated and orderly.

6. when installing the rail, the vertical and parallel of the rails must be ensured and then adjusted horizontally. At the time of assembly, the working faces are guaranteed to be coplanar as much as possible.

7. the working power of the sponge cutting machine is 380VAC + 10%, 50HZ and three-phase four lines. The power supply of the control circuit is 220VAC + 10%.

8. the working platform must be stable and smooth when moving, and the roughness is less than 1 mm.

9. when installing the grinding wheel of the sponge cutting machine, the two wheels are installed in the opposite direction and the distance is less than 10 mm.

10. the installation of the grinding motor should be located at the 1/3 of the belt.

Sponge cutting machine is an indispensable machine in sponge machinery plant.

1. it is important to reduce the production cost of concrete in the sponge cutting machine industry.

2. heavy calcium powder value plastic sponge cutting machine industry, plastic masterbatch, demand high temperature heating white degree, color masterbatch with calcium powder 400 orders, large crystal calcite ore layout, a skeleton effect of calcium carbonate in plastic products can be played, stability has a great effect on the scale of plastic products, the hardness of products can also improve. And the appearance of smoothness and progressive appearance of the product, more than 90 because of calcium carbonate whiteness, white pigment can replace valuable.

Under the big cloth scene, the sponge cutting machine is in the low carbon economy now, the demand is more and more strict about the foam machine. After the processing of the heavy calcium powder, it is used in the following popular industries. The efficiency of the foam machine not only improves effectively, but also reduces the energy consumption.

Constantly reducing dust sponge machine sponge cutting machine, noise reduction, pollution is also considerable, will reduce the whole industry, reduce energy consumption is also very impressive. Many industries need the production of powder industry to make cotton, such as cement, mineral processing, metallurgy and other industries, and cause pollution if the mill is not environmentally friendly, it will be the whole of the tragedy of the industry, the tragedy of the whole earth, the quantity is also the amount of dust produced.

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