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Introduction to foam machine knowledge

      Have you ever seen foam machines? This kind of mechanical equipment is widely used in various industries and plays a very important role in human beings. What is a foam machine? Today, sponge foam machine, sponge cutting machine manufacturers to introduce foam machine knowledge.

      The foam machine is sometimes called a foam car. It uses air pressure to compress the washing fluid into foam and spray out. It avoids the damage to the automobile paint surface caused by fine sand particles and prolongs the smooth finish of the automobile paint.

      Applicable to car beauty industry, fleet, bus, train, aircraft, etc., as well as hotel and Hotel exterior wall, glass, floor cleaning.

      In addition, different air foam machines should be chosen to match the air compressor. For example, panda 60 foam washing machine requires matching air compressor to reach 0.25m/min or more.

      The above is the introduction of foam machine knowledge. I wonder if the above sharing will help you. I want to know more friends to visit our official website. Buying environmental sponge foaming machine, cost-saving sponge foaming machine Taishan Shuli Bed Machinery Co., Ltd. is a very good choice.

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