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Sponge machinery repair methods and cleaning methods

Although the sponge cutting machine seems to have a simple working principle, its internal structure is complicated, so maintenance becomes complicated and its technical content is very high.

1. Communicate with operators on the spot

The on-site operator is the most close partner of the CNC cutting machine, and the operator is also the first discoverer of various faults. Therefore, when a failure occurs, maintenance personnel generally do not need to rush to work. First, fully communicate with the operator. It is necessary to carefully inquire about the state of the machine when the failure occurs, the form of the machine, the consequences, and whether the operation is faulty. No reproduction, etc. This helps the maintenance personnel to quickly analyze and determine the cause of the fault.

Sponge machinery

2. Using the self-diagnosis function of the CNC system

The general CNC system has a complete self-diagnosis system. No matter whether it is a FANUC system or a Siemens system, the CNC cutting machine can make a certain range of self-diagnosis to itself or the interface when it is initialized or during operation. Maintenance personnel should be familiar with the system self-diagnosis of various alarm information. According to the instructions to analyze the fault to determine the scope, locate the fault components, the imported CNC system can generally only be positioned to the board level, the chip-level maintenance can generally rely on the various manufacturers of CNC system after-sales maintenance department.

3. Logical search using PLC program

Now general CNC control systems have PLC controllers, mostly built-in PLC control. The maintenance personnel should analyze the control device of the machine tool according to the ladder diagram, and visually recognize the status of the I/O of the CNC system on the CRT. Through the logic analysis of the PLC program, it is convenient to check the location of the problem, such as self-diagnostic pages in the FANUC-OT system. According to the drawing PLC ladder diagram analysis, locate the interface between the machine tool and the CNC system to determine whether the fault location is a mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic fault.

Sponge Machinery Factory Cleaning Methods

1 Electrical equipment should be kept clean to prevent dust from entering the oil.

2 In the case of a short circuit, the sponge machine should be replaced with a fuse of the same capacity so that tin and silver can be used instead of copper.

3 The rotating motor adopts rolling bearings, and the replacement of the bearing (kerosene or diesel) should be cleaned every month and the grease should be cleaned. Gears, sprocket should be cleaned oil and lubricating oil will work after each day.

4 pairs of examinations of electrical insulation shall be subjected to a wet treatment, thereby reducing the voltage to the rated 1/3, the motor idles for 48 hours in order to discharge moisture, and then run at full voltage without fear.

5 Note that the mechanical ground must be well grounded, such as oil or rust-proof screw terminals, should be cleaned at any time.

6 Pay attention to the exposed hoses and wires for rolling, stretching, and partial damage.

The sensitivity of 7 often checks the contact and interlocking devices.

8 Consistent with instructions for the use of mechanical and electrical equipment.

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