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Sponge foam machine manufacturer introduces polyurethane foam machine's action principle is what

When producing sponges, we need to use the foaming machine, and there are many kinds of foaming machines. Like Zhongshan Shu Li bedding machinery Co., Ltd., which is mainly produced by the environmental sponge foam machine, saves cost sponge foaming machine. This kind of foaming machine is very popular in the market. Today, Xiaobian wants to introduce the principle of polyurethane foam machine. Let's get to know it all the time.

Polyurethane foam machine is a large number of equipment purchased in the processing plant. The products produced by this equipment also make our life more comfortable. Many people are curious about what the working principle of the polyurethane foam machine is, but it is not the one or two sentence, but it can be understood that the polyurethane foam machine is a machine specially used to process polyurethane foam, with the aid of catalyst in the process of processing, many chemical reactions will occur in the machine.

In the process of polyurethane coating ripening, polyurethane foam no longer releases a large amount of reaction heat, and the temperature slowly decreases (eventually falls to the ambient temperature).

The pressure inside the polyurethane foam also decreases, resulting in the pressure difference between inside and outside. The pressure difference has a certain influence on the form of polyurethane foam. If the strength of the wall of the polyurethane foam is enough to support the pressure difference, the polyurethane foam will not be deformed obviously; if the strength of the wall of the bubble is weak, the polyurethane foam will shrink under the effect of pressure difference. Usually referred to as the "molding shrinkage", generally less than 1%, when serious, it can reach 5% or even larger.

At present, some people have added openings to the foaming material of polyurethane foaming machine to form a foam with a very poor heat preservation. Although this method eliminates the pressure difference during the curing process of polyurethane foam, the shrinkage of polyurethane foam is reduced, but the insulation property of the polyurethane foam is greatly reduced.

What is the principle of the polyurethane foaming machine? The above is the answer to this question. Many friends may be understanding and buying sponger foam machine, sponge cutting machine, mattress peri machine equipment, now there are many manufacturers in the market, many friends may not know how to choose. Xiaobi recommended Shu Li bedding machinery company.

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