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Sponge foam machine manufacturers share sofa filling sponge what are the main?

How much do you know about sponges? Sponges are widely used. Many of our sofas are filled with sponges. Sponges are a promising market. They promote the technical updating of foamers and the future development direction. Today, with the sponge foamer, sponge cutter manufacturers know what kind of sponge sofa are used as filler.

1, soft polyurethane foam (commonly referred to as sponge), divided into three categories: conventional sponge is a regular polyether and TDI (toluene diisocyanate long time will turn yellow) as the main sponge generated, characterized by good resilience, softness, breathability.

2. High resilience sponge is a kind of sponge which is made up of active phosphorus and TDI. It has excellent mechanical properties, good elasticity, large compression load, fire resistance and good air permeability.

3. Crushed sponge with glue, this is a regenerated sponge, has a very pungent odor of formaldehyde, not conducive to health; regenerated sponge is generally used in industry and packaging, used to make sofa fillers are also available, but not recommended to buy, although cheap, but harmful to health is not durable.

4. Random pore sponge is a kind of sponge with different inner pore sizes similar to natural algae. It has good elasticity and excellent cushioning property when compressing and rebounding.

5. Artificial cotton filler: Artificial cotton (such as seven-hole cotton, Gongzi cotton) as sofa filler, excellent soft, comfortable, but poor mechanical properties, compression load is small, only suitable for cushion.

What are the main types of sponge filled sofa? After reading the above introduction, you understand. The production of sponges requires the use of sponge foaming machine, sponge cutting machine and other mechanical equipment, if you need to buy such equipment, you can go to Taishan Shuli Bed Machinery Co., Ltd.

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