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Sponge foam machine needs technical transformation

      Now this social technology update iteration can be said to be faster and faster, China's sponge machinery industry is also developing at a high speed. However, the sponge foaming machine industry in China started relatively late, so has been at the low end of the industry, in many areas are still heavily dependent on imported sponge foaming machine. Training professionals and increasing the research and development efforts of sponge foaming machines are making efforts to change this situation.

      However, as some low-end sponge machinery in the past few years due to the good situation increased a large number of enterprises to enter the market, resulting in the current market demand saturation, excess capacity, once again waged a price war.

      According to the editorial analysis, this phenomenon should be noticed by the relevant departments, correctly guide the development of the market, and avoid the existence of vicious competition. Price war will further make enterprises have no time to take into account R&D capabilities, and then fall into a strange circle, in the mire of vicious competition.

      Improve the level of scientific research, test and testing equipment, build * foaming machine and high-performance functional parts manufacturing base for the purpose of technological transformation projects, the state through the revitalization of equipment manufacturing related technological transformation plan support, especially to strengthen the sponge foaming machine enterprise self-armed equipment support, is very tight It is imperative and necessary.

      "In the current situation, the promotion of technological transformation by the company plays an important role in implementing the plan for the revitalization of the machinery manufacturing industry, responding to the crisis, accelerating structural adjustment and industrial upgrading and transformation, and enhancing the industrial development stamina." The main goal of technological transformation is to enhance the capability of independent innovation, improve manufacturing capability and information level.

      Taishan Shuli Bed Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of sponge machinery, mattress machinery, sponge foaming machine, sponge cutting machine, mattress edge machine and other equipment company, the company has a strong technical team, in addition to constantly strengthening the performance of products, but also for the majority of customers to provide the most comprehensive technical services. All products undergo rigorous technical testing to ensure the best quality for our customers. Buying machinery and equipment, we can't be wrong.

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