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Sponge foam machine manufacturer introduces the working mode of the foam cutting machine

All kinds of cutting machines are very many. All kinds of cutting machines are very important to us. We can't leave all kinds of cutting machines when we produce some things. The cutting machine is very important to mankind. The foam cutting machine is one of the cutting machines. This kind of cutting machine is used to cut sponge. I believe a lot of friends have seen it. A sponge cutting machine manufacturer introduced the processing characteristics of the foam cutting machine. Today, we know about the working way of the foam cutting machine with the small editor.

Foam cutting machine is a highly automated CNC cutting machine. It has been widely recognized and praised by users, and has been widely applied. But for the new technology and equipment that just contact with the user, the understanding of it is still relatively small.

1, movable worktable, with adjustable pressure roller method, fixed cutting sponge.

2, when the machine stops running, it is equipped with manual and automatic devices.

3, the machine can realize the convenient placement of materials and directly put them in suitable positions, so that various shapes can be cut.

4, the red brake button is used for manual brake, and can be pressed in case of emergency.

5, the pipelined workbench works with the machine to ensure a constant product quality.

6, directly on the computer to create the required cutting graphics, adjust the size of the cut, put the material to the appropriate location of the pipeline, you can cut.

7. the machine adopts cutter belt cutting instead of electric heating wire, and the cutter belt can be rotated by automatic torque device to make the cutting more precise.

8. cutting can be achieved in all sizes. The cutting height can reach 1500mm, which is not achieved by other special-shaped sponge machinery. The minimum cutting size is 10mm.

The above is about the knowledge of the way of the work of foam machine, after seeing the above introduction, do you have more understanding of the foam cutting machine. For more information about various mechanical equipment, we should pay attention to this website. Buy sponge foam machine, sponge cutting machine, mattress edge machine, sponge production line, spring viscose machine and so on which machinery manufacturer is good? Xiaobi recommended Shu Li bedding machinery Co., Ltd.!

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