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Sponge machinery manufacturers need to change from price war to improved technology in market

      China is a big manufacturing country. It can be said that the competition in all walks of life is very fierce. Nowadays, more and more people like to start their own businesses. Now sponge machinery, sponge production line, spring viscose machine and other manufacturers are also very many. But the scale is relatively small, basically small workshop mode, there is no scientific and technological content. Like this type of sponge machinery manufacturers, we need to change from price war to improvement technology.

      The products produced by small sponge machinery enterprises are basically imitated, resulting in more and more homogeneity in the middle and low end. Sponge machinery enterprises are facing the problem of overcapacity and inventory backlog. In order to continuously improve sales, sponge machinery enterprises will reduce the price of products. Several sponge machinery enterprises have reduced their prices in succession, which eventually led to difficulties in the whole industry, and the profits of enterprises are becoming less and less. When profits continue to shrink, enterprises have no surplus funds for product research and development.

The sponge machinery industry has been developing for a long time. At this stage, sponge machinery enterprises should adopt what kind of development mode, which has become a major sponge machinery enterprises actively thinking about.

      This has led to a vicious process, such a situation and the low level of science and technology of the whole industry, the price war continues to make the domestic sponge machinery industry in the world sponge machinery industry in a low-end position. In order to develop sponge machinery industry, it is necessary to increase research and development funds, increase the content of science and technology, and produce products with core competitiveness. Only by increasing product research and development can we really change the current competitive mode.

      China's sponge machinery enterprises should upgrade the technological content of products, from the current price war to technological competition. From the current market share alone to gain no profits, become a common market share profits. It is believed that after the transformation of competition mode, the production level of Chinese enterprises can be greatly improved, effectively get rid of vicious competition, and let the sponge machinery industry go up to a higher level.

      Want to engage in sponge machinery industry, or is engaged in sponge machinery industry friends, want to operate in this industry for a long time, continuous research and development technology. It is a kingly way to improve equipment and make environmental protection and high quality mechanical equipment. Buy good quality mattress machinery, sponge foam machine, sponge cutting machine can be made to Shu Li bedding machinery company.

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