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Understand the importance of sponge foaming machine and formula, and the difference between regenerated sponge and new sponge

Today Shuli mattress machinery, sponge foaming machine manufacturers to explain the importance of sponge foaming machine and production formula, as well as regenerated sponge and new foamed sponge difference.

Many people in the industry say that sponge foaming machine does not matter, what can be produced, whether manual or automatic, as long as it can be produced, there is nothing difficult to do, is not expensive; but the formula of sponge is not easy to master, even if the high price to buy the formula, their own experience is not good to master it. It is impossible to produce.

In fact, this statement is not entirely correct, sponge foaming machine is also very important, if you only have formula and technical personnel, no good equipment is not feasible, production is always off the chain, often problems, resulting in waste of raw materials, and waste of time, for manufacturers is also a great loss. Of course, as some people have said, only equipment without a good recipe technicians can not work, equipment is dead, there will be no great change, and the new sponge foamer, as long as the operation is normal, normal maintenance, there will not be too many failures. But the production formula of sponge is really changeable, uncontrollable, and whether the formula is correct or not, even if the normal formula has no experienced hair technicians, it will cause immeasurable economic losses. Therefore, the sponge foaming machine production equipment and sponge production formula, for producers, equally important.

What are the differences between regenerated sponge and new foam sponge?

There is a difference between the regenerated sponge and the newly produced polyurethane foam sponge. The sponge is produced by the foaming machine production line. The main raw materials are polyurethane and some additives. The newly produced sponge is clean, soft, and the smell is not so pungent after a long time of diffusion. It is suitable for furniture, clothing, toys and other industries. It has a wide range of applications and can be changed according to demand. Producing sponge with different properties.

The regenerated sponge is made of waste cloth, sponge, medical cotton, etc. after being crushed, and then added glue and other additives to bond and foam. The color is not good, there are variegated colors, odor is also very bad, and lasts for a long time. This sponge is only suitable for unpacked materials and cheap carpets.

Some illegal vendors regard recycled sponges as sponges produced by sponge foaming machine, used in furniture, resulting in excessive formaldehyde and other chemicals, endangering human health. Remind you that when choosing furniture, you must see clearly, do not buy the furniture made of recycled cotton by mistake.

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