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Working principle of foaming machine

Working principle of foaming machine

No matter what kind of foaming machine, the basic principle is air mixed with the blowing agent solution. The type of foam is not the same, then it is not the same way of mixing, this effect is different.

Foam has two essential factors, foaming agent solution with air, both indispensable. No foaming agent, will not form a gas film surrounded by no foam. Air into, only the blowing agent, the bubble can not be formed.

In the system to form bubbles, the blowing agent solution is a dispersion medium, the gas is relatively dispersed in the liquid, so that the gas to form a bubble, many bubbles make up the bubble. Another important factor in the performance of the blowing agent, the blowing agent gas is another important factor in the solution. Gas into a liquid, must rely on the completion of foam machine, foam machine using a certain method of gas into a liquid.

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